N: 1100AM04272008

"The Vocabulary of the Unconverted", Sunday Morning, 4/27/08

Release date: 5/4/2008

Studio: Florida Avenue Church of Christ

Genre: Christian

Judges 6: 7-13; Math 16: 18; Daniel 2:2; John 7:17; Ephesian 5:17; Luke 13:3
Even those that are in the spiritual realm forget about God's words that should come from the mouth. It is possible to hear believe, etc., and be baptised and still be unconverted. Gideon was an unconverted child of God because of what he said. When you are unconverted you use words of unbelief. When you are converted you know Christ died for our sins and that He is our savior. Unconverted people are those who are lost. The Unconverted expresses feelings of doubt. Jesus talks about two classes of people: those that heard and believed and those that heard and did not believe. If is used by unconverted people - if means uncertain. Also people who are unconverted use Why.

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